Best Hang out Spots in Manchester

Central Ale House

You are a rich man if you have great friends that value more than living in lavish house, driving swanky cars, dining at world class restaurants and wearing expensive clothes. Spending an evening at a local bar will bring smiles to face than embarking on a cruise. What if you don’t friends to share and care for? Don’t worry folks. It is time to make friends who can understand your feelings and value your sentiments. Get in touch with best escort agencies Manchester and choose your favourite girl.

Since you are looking for a perfect hang out, better go for gorgeous Manchester airport escorts. Manchester is the next escort hub in the world. Young girls from across the world come to this beautiful city to try their luck, to fetch huge money. This has led them to go for Manchester escorts job. Escort job is quite alluring and tempting. The industry is the ultimate combination of style, fashion and sensuousness.

Strange Brew Tavern:

One thing you would surely love about Strange Brew Tavern is its live music. Besides offering great ambiance to chill out with friends, the tavern has more than a hundred beers on tap. This is probably the most sought after destination to hang out. The down stairs, the back room, the dining zone and the main bar – all make wonderful hang out joints. Visitors hitting the tavern on weekends will have the opportunity to witness jam style and blues band playing live music.


Guess what? Billy’s is not a regular bar. It is a sports bar; hence, enticing more and more sports aficionados. If you are bitten by a sports bug, then this is the spot. You would be glad to know that Manchester escorts showcase great interest in sports as well. These girls are educated and intelligent too. Be it basketball, football or cricket, you can have solid discussions. Enjoy your shots with girls from Shush Escort, pamper your taste buds with local cuisines and mark a memorable evening.

Central Ale House:

If you are a beer aficionado, maybe Central Ale House is calling you. The beer house lets you pour your own beer. They have a wide selection of beers to choose from – over 32 beers on tap. Catch a session of your favourite game on large screens, immerse completely in the warm and comfortable ambiance and get served by friendly staff. Strategically located, the beer house is close to a myriad of attractions.

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