Top 5 Nightclubs in Manchester

Lola Lo Manchester

Mancheter is a wonderful place for those who love to spend time with the cream of the crop when its dawn. There are plenty of options for one to choose from in order to venture into the beautiful world of clubbing. The nightlife here in Manchester is spectacular as it has a variety of nightclubs that would cater to your unique taste. So, be it a dance club, rock club, Indy club or punk club, Manchester does have a bit for everybody in order to fulfil their desires. If you are alone and don’t have a partner then you can opt for the best Escorts in Manchester.

Here we have listed the top 5 nightclubs in Manchester where you can enjoy yourselves.


The Gorilla is located in oxford road and is one of the best nightclubs in Manchester. It is one of those places where you can experience smashing parties–indeed a breath taking experience! The club can host up to 700 people at a time while the DJs here are the best in the industry.

Tiger Tiger Manchester:

Considered as the clubbing wonderland of Manchester, this club is located at 27 Withy Grove. This party place is for those who love to discover karaoke and other genres of music. The unique aspect of this amazing nightclub is that it has multiple dance floors and each of them plays a particular genre of music. Whether it is contemporary, rock, electronica or classical genres you can choose the dance floor according to your taste.

Lola Lo Manchester:

Located at close proximity to the Deansgate station, Lola Lo Manchester is the ultimate destination for the party animals. The club has 3 floors and each has its spectacular canalside view of the Deansgate Locks. The club is specially built for those who prefer their drinks to have a pleasing rich taste of the selected liquor brands.

The Milton Club:

If you are on the lookout for the nightclub which serves bespoke cocktails expensive partying, then you must consider being at The Milton Club. This club is known to provide its clients with private booths and the best partying environment out here in Manchester.


One of few nightclubs that opens till 3 AM on Saturdays, the Ark here at Deansgate is one of the most exotic nightclubs. If you want to witness people who love to enjoy in the liveliest way then Ark is the club you got to be at. Being one of the most preferred clubs here in Manchester by the affluent and the rich, the Ark has an overall capacity to host 300 party animals at a time.

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